The Benefits of Joining TLTO: Strengthening Your Position in Tanzania’s Tourism Industry

The Benefits of Joining TLTO: Strengthening Your Position in Tanzania’s Tourism Industry

The Tanzania Local Tour Operator ( TLTO) is a group of professionals who work to promote tourism in Tanzania. The association is made up of tour operators, affiliated companies, and businesses that work in the tourism business. TLTO is very important because it makes sure that its members know about new rules, regulations, and trends in the industry. The association also gives its members a number of benefits that help them run their businesses better and stay competitive. 

One of the best things about joining TLTO is getting access to the latest news and events in the industry. The association disseminates official communications from various regulatory bodies, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA), the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAWA). This ensures that TLTO members are always up-to-date on the latest information relevant to their business.

TLTO also gives its members a place to meet other important people in the industry and build valuable relationships with them. The association holds regular networking events, such as breakfasts, lunches, and cocktail parties, where members can meet and talk with their peers. These meetings give members a chance to work together on business projects and share information and ideas. 

TLTO provides its members with training and education programs that help them improve the way they run their businesses. The association sets up workshops and seminars to talk about important issues in the field. These programs cover a range of topics, from marketing and sales skills to regulatory compliance and customer service.

TLTO also gives its members a number of useful services that help them run their businesses better. For example, TLTO maintains an online directory and database of its members that is accessible to all. This directory allows potential clients to search for TLTO members by name and category, providing valuable exposure for members and their products.

The association also offers a bonding scheme that provides added reassurance to clients and agents dealing with TLTO members who are tour operators. Under this scheme, clients and agents are protected in the event of financial loss resulting from the actions of a TLTO member.

TLTO also acts as an arbitration and mediation facility, offering a platform for members and their clients to resolve disputes. The association’s Standards and Ethics Sub-committee arbitrates and mediates in cases where a client or an agent lodges a complaint that requires intervention.

Furthermore, TLTO members have access to and may display the TLTO logo on their promotional materials and stationary. The logo acts as a source of recognition throughout the industry and may be added to a member’s website, encoded with their membership number to prove their valid and paid membership.

TLTO also plays a leading role in major travel trade shows within the country, marketing its members’ products and services to potential clients. The association’s participation in these trade shows increases the exposure of its members and their offerings, enabling them to reach new clients and expand their business operations.

Finally, TLTO members can use their collective bargaining power to access services at special rates with various industry stakeholders. This provides members with a competitive edge, enabling them to offer their clients more attractive packages and pricing.

In conclusion, TLTO gives its members access to industry news and events, training and education programs, networking opportunities, and practical benefits that help businesses run better. As a result, any tourism-related business in Tanzania that wants to do well should join TLTO.

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