Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park, nestled in the northern region of Tanzania, offers a compact yet diverse wilderness experience. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, the park encompasses a variety of ecosystems, from lush montane forests to open savannah plains and imposing volcanic peaks. At its heart lies Mount Meru, the park’s centerpiece and Tanzania’s second-highest mountain, offering exhilarating trekking opportunities for adventurous visitors. The diverse habitats support a rich array of wildlife, including iconic African species such as giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, and various antelope species.


One of the park’s unique features is the Ngurdoto Crater, a magnificent volcanic caldera dotted with verdant vegetation and inhabited by a range of wildlife. Visitors can explore the crater’s rim on foot or embark on guided game drives to witness the resident animals in their natural habitat. Additionally, Arusha National Park is a haven for birdwatchers, boasting over 400 avian species, including vibrant flamingos, majestic eagles, and colorful turacos. The Momella Lakes, scattered across the park, provide a picturesque backdrop for birdwatching and leisurely picnics amidst the tranquil scenery.


Beyond its natural splendor, Arusha National Park holds cultural significance as well, with the opportunity to interact with the indigenous Maasai community and gain insight into their traditional way of life. Visitors can engage in cultural tours, visit local villages, and partake in authentic cultural activities such as traditional dances and handicraft demonstrations. Whether trekking through the rugged landscapes, embarking on thrilling safari adventures, or immersing oneself in the rich cultural heritage, Arusha National Park offers a captivating experience that showcases the beauty and diversity of Tanzania’s natural and cultural heritage.

Arusha National Park is dominated by Mt Meru (4,562m/14,967ft), Tanzania’s second-highest peak after Mt Kilimanjaro. The popular climb takes four days. A day hike to Meru Crater is less challenging, but very rewarding too. Wildlife viewing is rather low-key, but the varied landscapes, flocks of flamingos and superb forest birding make the park a great addition to a Northern circuit safari.


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